: Our operation is reducing our production by drawing it in accordance with the demands of our customer.


Aluminum wires

Aluminum wires Aluminum wires are generally used in houses, electric grids and planes. Aluminum presents an important cost advantage and much better rate of weight compared to copper. Copper and Aluminum are present... More

Annealed Copper Wire

Annealed Copper Wire COPPER SINGLE (MONO) WIREIn our firm, single wire production of between 0.05 mm and 3.00 mm diameter.   Steel reels according to DIN 800, 630, 560, 400, 250 and/or plastic reels according to DI... More

Tin-plated copper wire

Tin-plated copper wireWhy tin-plated copper wire:Current density and coverage rate of electrolytic round copper wires as hard and annealed is high and its diffusion and sticking ability are at the high level. In acidic tin... More