Annealed Copper Wire

Annealed Copper Wire


In our firm, single wire production of between 0.05 mm and 3.00 mm diameter.


Steel reels according to DIN 800, 630, 560, 400, 250 and/or plastic reels according to DIN 250, 160, 100 are sold with packing.


Copper has always been a standard material in electric grid. Because it provides good conductivity in electric. Copper solid wires are used as bare, covered and isolated and every kind of conductor equipment in production of conductor and cable and also electronic market and for other reasons.

Reasons of preference of copper mono-wire;

Not to deforming energy during connection or to prevent lose of energy
Copper has not any problem about harmony
Application of copper wire is very good
Copper prevents oxidation on it surface
Copper is resistant to overloading in electricity
Renewing copper wire is easy
Procuring is always easy
Copper has obtained approval at international level.