Continuous Cast

Continuous CastIn UPCAST (Outokumpu) Continuous Casting Facility, copper cathodes at high purity are melted in induction ovens under protective atmosphere. Liquid metal copper transferred to waiting and casting ovens by atmosphere-controlled gates More

Coarse Wire Drawing

Coarse Wire DrawingROUGHWIRE DRAWING: The process of wire drawing of between 8 mm - 1,20-3,50 mm. More

Medium Wire Drawing

Medium Wire DrawingDRAWING MIDDLE WIRE: Re-reducing of conductors of which profiles were reduced with Rough wire Drawing method by the wire drawing to between 0.30-2.20 is called drawing middle wire. More

Multi-wire drawing

Multi-wire drawingMULTIWIRE DRAWING: Profiles between 14-16 wire are called multi-wire. More


TIN PLATINGTIN PLATING: In relation with the demand of the customer 3-10 micron of tin covers and copper conductor profile of 0,10 mm – 2,50 ( wideness can increase or decrease ) mm profile . More


Twisted Twisting: Twisted wires are produced by twisting a certain number and diameter wires in the profile of 0,055-300 mm². Twisted wires are named in accordance with their geometrical structures, step length and twisting direction determined according to their area of usage More


ALUMINUM WIRE DRAWINGALUMINUM WIRE DRAWING: It’s the thinning application of aluminum conductor in 9.5 mm profile until 1.35 - 0.10 by rolling More