Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Quality is our most important capital!

It has set a goal to understand the needs and expectations of the SPECIAL COPPER customer and constantly meet the expectations and needs in the same quality.

Within this scope, our quality control department approves our products whose production has been completed, through a careful and rigorous work to present them to the customers checking upon the technical contract of our customers and the international standards such as ASTM B, BS EN, TS EN, BS, EN and DIN.
To get stronger and to exist permanently;

Our policy is to meet customer's demands and expectations at the highest and go beyond, obey the standard and legal legislations about the products, raise our quality to an exemplary  level in the sector and therefore, to train constantly our employees in accordance with the goals of the company and their self-development, follow the advancing technology, to be an establishment that provides a high added value to the environment and the society.

Market Policy

Company , industry and finance to marketing and sales takes into account the dynamics . Customer demands and expectations are evaluated in the context of this dynamic , the tariffs . Lower limit risk through tariffs , quantity, payment schedule and is calculated by considering a continuous basis . Management at the lower limit of the tariff and tariffing system must be approved by the board of directors .

Market risks are mainly in marketing , annual estimates and monthly programs within the framework be to regulate tariffs . Company general expenses, labor and capital profitability yet non- risk analysis , and sales of non-tariff contract , for any reason is unacceptable.

Market management, power and authority within the framework of the company's production while expanding the market , the price advantage of acquiring new customers driven element ( promotion) can not use the .

Quality Policy

Sectoral dynamics, international standards and customer expectations are the fundamental basis of the company's quality management system . Company policies and customer expectations will be met within the framework of sectoral real , the prevention of waste in all processes , employee development and job satisfaction by ensuring continuous improvement in all operations of the company's quality objectives is the ultimate aim . Company management quality management system will allocate the necessary resources to handle .

Personnel Policy

Company inadequate to raise labor norms to ensure precise fit squad , a fair wage and salary and promotion are essential requirements to create a system of personnel management . Performance management, continuity of personnel required in critical positions , staff discipline can not be compromised . Company management labor labor allocate the necessary resources are inadequate to raise