Fundamental Principles

Fundamental Principles


Basic Values and Codes of Conduct

•    Being Customer Oriented: Raising our product and service quality by establishing a relationship with the customer based on bilateral interests.
•    Competence: Defining the tasks and the authorities in the hierarchy of the organization.
•    Communication: Providing to get in touch and reach the right people all the time.
•    Technological Development: Preventing the loss of the national wealth and our company by choosing the right technological devises that is suitable for the process.
•    Education: Training qualified personnel and giving trainings in order to provide the persistence of knowledge special to the process and the people.
•    Reliability: The Application of price policy which doesn't often change, being capable of offering products in high quality.
•    Participation: Acquiring the ability to follow the sectoral innovations through participating in the national and/or international organizations
•    Interaction: Being settled of the ability to build a relationship based on bilateral interest with the companies.
•    Self-criticism and Empathy: Having a developed ability to add our personality and self-sacrifice in our production through taking necessary lessons from our mistakes.
•    Urgency: Having the ability to block the nonconformity persistence by providing to identify in the resource of nonconformity.
•    Productivity:  The desire to leave good  grounds of life and working for future generations through using the right resources in the right places.
•    Commitment: Trying to make our employees acquire the ethics of life and work by trainings.
•    Future: Keeping alive the conception, “We have inherited our future from our children" and ensuring the doctrine to become widespread.
•    Commitment to the Establishment: Ensuring our office to be known as our houses, our job as our own business, and our employees as our family members.
•    Knowledge and Experience: Ensuring the knowledge and experiences about life, ethics and business not to disappear by transferring them to future generations.
•    Social Task: Building schools, giving scholarships for the acquisition of young brains to contribute to the education for continuous development through the income which is gained by joining national and international establishment


    We use the word “we” who is the subject in written and spoken language for the studies integrate us to the firm.
    Our last sentence in every field is “it is our guarantee “ “Writing on the surface of the water” is not consort with us
    We treat in “HONESTY” in the relationships of partner
    We are aware of our national mission and target to complete our lessons or homework required.
    We don’t have the concepts of “good-bad” We have the concept of “very good and can get better”
    We proud your births, marriages and owning a house and mention for the one who is dead and save our integrity.